What the Internationalization of Climate Litigation Could Mean for Canadian Oil and Gas Companies

This report explores scenarios in which the legal landscape concerning climate damages litigation could suddenly and dramatically change—and finds that Canadian oil and gas companies could be liable for billions of dollars of damages for their contribution to climate change. This study is part of CCPA’s Climate Justice Project and is co-published with West Coast Environmental Law. Click here to read more.


Guatemalans sue Vancouver’s Tahoe Resources Inc. after mine shooting

Sguatemala-tahoe-mine-jan-2013even Guatemalan men are suing Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources Inc. over a shooting during a protest outside the company’s mine in east of Guatemala City in Central America.

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Source: Global News

Recent B.C. mine’s waste-water breach unleashes a river of sludge

Mount Polley Waste Water BreachRecent B.C. mine’s waste-water breach at Mount Polley unleashes a river of sludge ‘enough to fill 2,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools,’ polluting two lakes in central BC. There are serious concerns regarding impact of this on environment and health, since the toxic material is now flowing into province’s waterways. This is a clear example of how unethical mining practices are dangerous not just for the humans, but for the environment as whole.

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Source: The Globe and Mail

Intimidation Against Mayan Qeqchi Plaintiffs In Hudbay Minerals Lawsuits

“Klippensteins Barristers and Solicitors are very concerned about the harassment of our clients in what appears to be an attempt to pressure our clients to withdraw from legal proceedings in Canada.”

You can contribute too. You may write your own letter to Hudbay Minerals, with copies to your Member of Parliament and local media, demanding that Hudbay take all measures necessary to protect and defend the plaintiff’s rights to a fair trial, without threats, intimidation or coercion.

You may also organize a screening of ‘Defensora’ in your region. Since its Premiere in Toronto, October 26, Defensora has been screening across Canada and the U.S. The film documents the struggles of Mayan Q’eqchi communities in eastern Guatemala, who are resisting the illegal and violent incursions of global (mainly Canadian) mining companies, while seeking justice and remedy in Canadian courts against Hudbay Minerals for human rights violations suffered in 2007 and 2009 when Hudbay was trying to operate its “Fenix” mine.

“Defensora is a deeply moving testimony to incredible courage in the face of wanton brutality and a shining tribute to the human search for justice.” (Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians)

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Without asking…

Without asking, without love, without respect… they used me and abused me -Mayan Rape Victim

In the documentary film Defensora, we come across one of the women who was raped in 2007 by the security forces working for the HudBay Minerals Inc. in Guatemala. These words, said with a great deal of pain and sadness, is the only way she can describe how she felt and is still feeling. These mining firms need to be held accountable for their actions!

Defensora The Film- Preview Trailer

Defensora The Film- Preview Trailer

This documentary is very informative in regard to the human rights and environmental violations, being carried out by numerous mining companies in specific, the HudBay Minerals Inc. in Guatemala. It aims to help raise much needed awareness in regard to the plight faced by their defenseless victims and hopefully get them some much needed assistance in the form of justice!